Uganda Lodge Newsletter Feb 2011


Our School Feb 2011

In Uganda the school year started on 31 January. Over the Christmas holidays we have built two new classrooms, making a total of 7. We now have 3 baby classes, middle and a top and then Primary 1 and now Primary 2. We have over 200 children registered to start and had well over 100 on the first day and the rest are trickling in gradually.

We managed to get a promise of a sponsor for all but a few attending last term, although we are still waiting for some of the money to appear. Now we need another 60 sponsors at only £3.50 a month – this gives a totally free school place plus a uniform and a daily bowl of porridge. Thanks to those who already support this initiative – can you rope in a friend? The rest of you – come on guys, please help these kids.

Links Our registered charity


April 17, Sunday 10am. Sponsored walk around Virginia Water Lake in Surrey. Organised by Hilary B??? aims to have 100 people each raising a minimum of £30. This would be £3000 towards Phase 1 of our water project.

Can you help by joining us? Ask for a sponsor form or Donate here.

Water Project

After 2 years of planning and talking about it, digging for our gravity water scheme has finally started. A contract was signed between the engineers and 12 members of our local CBO (Community Bases Organisation) so the whole project belongs to the village, not me. I just have to try and raise £15,000! The first £8,000 is for Stage I which is taps in Migorore Village, at Uganda Lodge and at our Nursery School. I have already had a couple of substantial donations so they have been able to secure the spring head and build at catchment chamber. The villages are getting really excited now about it all.

Mosquito Nets

We started to raise money through “Against Malaria” charity and collected enough to supply 250 nets treated with Long lasting Insecticide. We distributed these to over 200 homes around Uganda Lodge and together with some given by the government will hopefully see a big drop in the incidence of malaria and the area.

Volunteering and Volunteer Holidays in Uganda

People of all ages and skills can volunteer with us, and also combine a longer safari trip with a few days working with our delightful children.

Over the past year we have had visitors staying at Uganda Lodge from countries as diverse as Russia, Australia, Sweden and Canada, and an age range of 11 years to 82 years.

All have passed on skills to this rural village community and many said it was their best holiday ever.

A couple of weeks holiday with flights and a safari included can cost you less than £1000. Visitors to our lodge pay just £70 per week full board