Uganda Lodge Newsletter June 2011

Dear Friends                                                                              June 2011

This is a just a  personal note in advance of your receiving a full newsletter from our charity “Let Them Help Themselves out of Poverty”. On behalf of the CBO and the villagers of Ruhanga, Denis and I both want to thank you so much for all you have done and the different ways in which you are helping to slowly improve the education, health and living conditions in the villages surrounding Uganda Lodge in SW Uganda.
Phase 1 of our water scheme is almost finished, and we have been promised further funding to complete Phases 2 and 3. We are looking at ways of helping to start up some income generating projects, as suggested by our CBO members. We are researching ways to improve healthcare and how to provide more business skills and vocational training courses. The volunteer facilities at the Lodge are being upgraded and we have opened a small Guest House & Office  in Kampala to ensure smooth arrivals and departures.  

Our school has seven completed classrooms  and two more are partly built.  We are now educating over 250 young village children virtually for free,and have more on a waiting list  but this is proving difficult to sustain as we currently need about 70 new sponsors for the students as listed here:

Please will you stop for a moment and seriously consider providing a free school place for a disadvantaged child, and also ask around your friends? It costs less than a pound a week but it means so much to these adorable and enthusiastic youngsters and it will give them the chance of having a better future. There is a link on the website to download an application form which you can email back to me and then you either set up a monthly standing order for £3.50 or transfer £42 for a whole years education.

I will be happy to hear back from you if you have any further ideas or feedback and if would like to talk over volunteering or fundraising for us in the future.

Thankyou again for all your help and support

Ann McCarthy    in UK and Denis (Friday)  in Uganda