Newsletter September 2017


Dear friends and supporters

I have worked with the rural community round Uganda Lodge for the past ten years and would like to think I could carry on for another ten years! HOWEVER, this week I am 75 years young and as a celebration I would love it if we could find sponsors for 75 more of the children  at Ruhanga Development School. It is only £5 per month and you can see the children looking for support here 

Instead of sending good wishes or giving presents I am wondering if you would ask around your friends and family and share a link to our sponsorship website on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Unlike many charities, 100% of your money goes out to Uganda and into the school fund to support all the children. Once accepted at our school all the children are treated the same, all are given the chance of a good education and no one child or family is singled out for special treatment.

As funding becomes available for more workshop-style buildings we are starting to offer vocational training to our school leavers as most cannot afford to attend senior school.

Thanks to all your efforts, over the past ten years you have enabled over one thousand children to take advantage of a high standard of education, provided hundreds of villagers with access to low-cost medical treatment, free mosquito nets and clean water.

I realise that direct child sponsorship is not for everyone. Do you buy lottery tickets each week? We have joined a scheme where half the cost of your lottery ticket comes directly to our school and you still have the chance to win £25,000 each week. We need 50 people to take part to earn our charity an extra £1000 /year. You can take part here
Thank you for supporting our projects in Uganda in so many different ways: sponsoring children, making donations, organising fundraising events, volunteering out in Uganda or simply asking for more information. Every penny makes so much difference. I would love to go on forever but at my age i realise that i need more help to keep this wonderful project growing to help more and more children each year. If you can spare any time to help with all the ideas we have, please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Thank you & Best wishes from

Ann McCarthy  x

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