Container Shopping List

Arjo Wiggins fine Papers Ltd of Aberdeen are offering to ship out two containers for free to Ruhanga. If you can help source any of the following items for free or offer transport from Heathrow area to Aberdeen please contact
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Most kinds of tools & toolkits for: –
Mechanics, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Groundworkers, Gardeners, Leatherworkers, Engineers

Large Equipment:
Mechanics items such as a wheel alignment machine, welding equipment, large jacks, hoists,
Bench grinder, tyre changing equipment and whatever is offered
Grass cutting machines – strimmers, powered chainsaws, ride-on mower (not electric)
Small tractor unit suitable for trailer & other agricultural uses
Any working sewing machines esp treadle – Unwanted Material – for making clothes, school bags, sewing practice
Diesel Engine and gearbox for 110 Defender Landrover 
Motor Bike or Motor Scooters, Adults bicycles
Durable marquee, Strong Gazebos, Tents of any size

Building Materials:
Unwanted bags of cement (need to check this one with customs but they cost £10 a bag out there & we use loads)
Large unopened tins of paint (oil and vinyl)
Ceramic tiles (floor or wall) & adhesives; hand washing sinks, clean toilet basins

Office Supplies: Working laptops, Flat screen computers (Check about customs)
New or refurbished printer with new ink, Scanner
Digital projector, large screen, working portable DVD players and chargers
Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, with chargers
A4 reams of computer paper and card
Stacking chairs, Folding tables, Shelving

School supplies and suitable educational toys:
Pens & pencils, crayons, felt pens & highlighters, coloured chalks, slates
Craft items – sticking glueing glitter, sequins, beads etc
Educational posters, Coloured paper
Lego and Duplex bricks, Strong toy cars, dolls (not soft toys)
Plastic tea sets, Toy fruit vegs & grocery items
Sports equipment – Balls of all sizes especially good footballs, Ropes, Bats & Raquets, Frisbys & whatever
Full Team kits – especially children’s football & netball etc plus Football Boots
Children’s musical instruments of all types

Household items for Lodge:
Bed Linens: Duvets, Pillows, Flat or fitted Sheets, duvet covers, Curtains, Shower curtains
Large saucepans (pressure cookers) heavy frying pans
China Mugs, Plastic storage containers with lids
Microwave, Electric boiling rings, kettles, toasters, ( Power is 240 volts – same as UK and at the project we have electricity)
Freezer (Chest or upright) Double refrigerator, Display fridge for drinks etc. (Check customs)
Double electric oven (Please check that items are working OK)
Cutlery, Serving utensils
Large flat screen TV (well packed!)
DVD player
Rechargeable lamps & lanterns
Working shower units with heater

All items for music or a band: Small Upright Piano
keyboard drum kits, wind instruments, guitars, cymbals etc.
Large speakers, amplifier, microphones

Medical equipment suitable for a village health centre
First Aid equipment for school
Wheelchairs, Crutches, Massage Bed (Portable)
Hospital bed, Patient hoist

Clothing – Most suitable are as follows:
All School Uniform – sourced from school lost property or through notes in school newsletters: All colours acceptable
Shirts & Blouses, Pinafores & Skirts, shorts & trousers, Striped & check summer dresses
Sweaters, sweatshirts & cardigans (badge is no problem)
Children’s plastic rainmacs & padded waterproof jackets all above aged 3-and upwards
Shoes: trainers of all sizes, mens shoes, womens flat shoes, children’s shoes, football boots
Complete team sets of football kits suitable for adults and also children of all ages
Adult rainmaccs/coats/warm jackets of all sizes
Mens suit jackets & blazers
Trousers: only mens and especially mens jeans – not shorts
Skirts/Dresses: Only below knee length –
Polo and T/shirts – Children’s & adult sizes – also Mens and womens cotton shirts
Sweaters – mens & womens zipped or pull-on sweatshirts; warm knitted jumpers
Redundant work uniforms e.g. when companies give out new uniform the old ones can be collected up

Request list from the African project for Medical Centre

>Blood pressure machine(sphygmomanometer)(s)
>Autos cope(s)
>Weighing scales( for adults and paediatric)
>Examination coaches
>Bed screens
>Patella hammers
>Tongue depressors
>Eye, nose & throat (ENT) set.
>Clinical chemistry analyser
>Haematology analyser
>Electric centrifuge
>Water bath
>Haemoglobin electrophoresis machine
>Binocular microscope
>Electric sherkers (rotating machine)
>Water distiller
>Safety cabinate
>Heamatocrite centrifuge
>Automatic pippetes
>Digital ESR machine
>Drums ¬different sizes according to steriliser capacity.
>Incision and drainage(I&D) set
>Theatre autoclave.
>Evacuation set
>Surgical toilet and suture set (STS-set)
>Examination table/ operation table.
>Movable table/ operation lights
>Ressacition set
>Oxygen concentrator
>Fixed operation lights.