Uganda Lodge Newsletter April 2013

  Reunion & AGM 2pm Sat 11th May   Volunteers, Friends & Sponsors                 All are Welcome               Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 0JR       Please support us and join our Registered Charity       Uganda Lodge Newsletter April 2013  Ruhanga Development School  Begins its 5th Year           Charity Application Form I cannot believe that we are nearly four months into another year, […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter January 2013

NEW Year New Beginnings 2013!! Happy New Year! January sees me back at Uganda again in time for the start of the new school year, luckily I just missed the snow and airport delays in the UK. Ruhanga Development School The village children are getting excited because they go back to school next week and […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter December 2012

  Christmas will soon be upon us!! CHRISTMAS GIFTS WITH A DIFFERENCE No sooner than I have  returned from Uganda and it seems that Christmas is almost upon us again! Everyone is busy rushing around wondering what different  gifts they can buy for Grandma, their niece or special friend for a Christmas present. Please think about getting something […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter October 2012

  More Building, More Children!!   UPDATES for OCTOBER 2012 This month sees me back in Uganda again …. for about the 15th time in the past 8 years! Some people go to Spain year after year – so I guess I am not really that different! But seeing the work being done here and […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter August 2012

     Uganda August 2012   We have to Congratulate Stephen Kiprotich who wons the Olypic men’s marathon and was presented with his GOLD MEDAL in front of an audience of over One Billion people at the closing ceremony.

Uganda Lodge Newsletter July 2012

  July 2012 Updates from Ruhanga     Greetings to all the friends of Uganda Lodge and Ruhanga Dev School     UK Charity meeting Sun 22nd July, Volunteers Reunion 25th Aug, School Building,                                  Sponsorship, Donations, Medical Centre Ugandan NGO  –  “Stand on Your Own” After several months, and lots of red tape, Denis now has fully registered a […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter March 2012

RUHANGA UPDATES  March 2012    Ruhanga Development School When I arrived at Uganda Lodge in February I was amazed to find there were over 400 children attending our school each day. There are 9 classes which include new P3 and P4 levels. Most children still walk to school and some take over an hour although a few […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter Jan 2012

RUHANGA UPDATES  January 2012   Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”      I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Volunteers, Sponsors and Donors the very best for 2012. Denis and the Staff at Uganda Lodge, Teachers and Students at Ruhanga Development School, the […]

Uganda Lodge Newsletter October 2011

    Ruhanga Lodge Community Project News – Autumn 2011 Dear Friends I hope this finds you well. This is an update prior to my returning to Uganda, in two weeks time. (For those who have asked the question, I always pay my own fare – your donations are never used for admin or transportation). Last month we […]